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My review of Martha and Marley Spoon

November 21, 2019

Marley Spoon is a dinner kit service that started in Berlin, Germany and has gone global. In the U.S., they have partnered with Martha Stewart to form the Martha and Marley Spoon version of their business model. The ordering process was seamless and communication was excellent.

First up, the packaging was fairly standard with the recipe cards on top and the ingredients separately packaged and placed on ice, surrounded by some sort of insulation. The meals arrived on the day they were supposed to and remained cold for the several hours they sat on my porch before I arrived home.

The meals I ordered were Skinny Chicken Parmesan and Harissa Steak and everything was in good shape when it arrived. The individual ingredients were well marked and the meals easy to assemble. The flavors were just interesting enough to inform new tastebuds but didn’t push the boundaries so much that family members who play it safe will be alarmed.

Harissa Steak

Although I overcooked the steak a bit (ugghh!), the flavor on this meal was remarkably good and the roasted parsnips w/ green beans were surprisingly flavorful. Simple but a definite win!

Chicken Parmesan

The non-fried kind. We enjoyed this dinner although I admit that I added a dash of balsamic and basil for good measure. The toasted bread was really tasty and the flavor on the red sauce was delightful. A great family-friendly option!

Overall Thoughts

We really enjoyed our experience with Martha and Marley Spoon and plan to order again. The ingredients were quality and the meals involved complex flavors yet were simple enough to please picky eaters.

You can order your own dinners here and save!

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