Does Anybody Else Think in Food?

October 30, 2019

I realize it may seem odd but my memories of events and places almost always include what was on the menu. I can’t remember whether I saw this movie or read that book but I can sure remember what my friends ordered three months ago at that amazing new restaurant that just opened. I can’t remember a conversation we had last week but I won’t forget your food sensitivities when you come over for dinner.

I think I have always been this way. Many of my childhood memories are attached to the food that was served. For instance, when I was seven, I loved going to my friend Mindy’s house because they had a pool but more importantly, her sweet mama would heat up Spaghettios for us, something I never got at home with my own “no processed foods ever” mama. I can’t imagine what my friend Ann Marie’s mother thought of me coming over and asking for toast with pancake syrup, sweets being in short supply at my house! And memories of my dad’s beloved A & W root beer floats and my mom’s hidden stash of Brach’s jelly nougats still brings a smile to my face.

I am pretty dialed into food which is why I’ve been wanting to write a food blog for years. So that time has come and I am so happy that you are here with me. In addition to sharing various food hacks and experiences, I will post dinner kit reviews from time to time because sometimes it’s just nice to have everything already in your fridge when you get off work. Here’s to creating more food memories together!

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  1. That’s interesting you grew up without processed foods and have continued to do so. Hoping to hear more about your childhood

    1. Trust me. As a child, I regularly ranted that I would grow up to eat all the junk food I wanted. Turns out my body didn’t want it after all! My mother definitely got the last laugh on that!

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